The glossary for the short story “A Mother Scorned” (UT1).

Aluthar – the Ossentharian officer stationed in one of the major cities on the shores of the Southern Lands. His grandfather had captured a dragon-human hybrid and left plenty of notes about the creature. Unfortunately, the creature escaped, and the notes were hidden to cover up that fact as the dragon-human hybrid had escaped with a few other interesting specimens. Aluthar found these notes nearly a century later and wanted to bring these creatures to his home land—Ossenthar—seeing it as a way for him to get promoted.

Azure – everything outside of Crimson; the world beyond the physical barrier of the sky above Crimson. Everything in Crimson casts its shadow into Azure, but like light through a prism, the shadows in Azure are multiplied and consist of many reflections of the same object or being. Azure is also the world where the mind travels when a being dreams.

Bantur Khurdud – the Sealed Lineage faction Master.

Brotherhood Without Glory, the – often shortened to just the Brotherhood. This is an almost exclusively dwarven organization that aims to rid the world of all dragons and anything related to them. This includes dragon magic, Draphonys (Pseudo Dragons), or any other draconic influence. Ironically, although this isn’t something talked about much, the name Brotherhood is itself of draconic origin. The Brotherhood of the old days has now split into four factions. The most prominent group continues to go by the original name, the Brotherhood Without Glory. But the three lesser factions are the Sealed Lineage, the Swart Ten, and the Dragonslayers.

Burkin – a dwarf and Brotherhood member.

Crimson – everything below the sky (land, water, living creatures); all the things that exists physically. The true world.

Delrin “Gravelbeard” Yemervond – the commender of the shvr-ship and a high ranking officer of the Sealed Lineage.

Draphony – a Pseudo Dragon. These are people of various races convinced they are dragons or of dragon origin. More often than not, Draphonys are harmless crazy people that wear fake wings and attach scales to their bodies. They vary from creatures with a lizard-like appearance to other creatures with real powers from the domain of dragon magic—abilities related to words, language and knowledge, speaking tongues, knowing true Names, the ability to sense lies, etc. However, these powers represent only be a small fraction of a real dragon’s abilities.

Eons – these are the manifestations of the primal forces that created the world. There are seven know forces, and their manifestations are: Stars, Angels, Wildlings and Giants (they come from the same force), Daemons, Dragons, Gods, and Beasts. However it is believed there is actually a total of ten forces and the remaining three are still to be discovered.

Interior Ocean – the giant body of water that lies within Turbland.

Lady Ducilla – the human sorceress onboard the shver-ship. She provides the ship with protection from unwanted eyes and ears.

Malghar – the dwarf who died when the shver-ship ventured into the Teeming Sea. His brother died on the same night.

Open Oceans –although from Crimson this appears to be a single Ocean, because it is partially located in Azure, the space is in fact occupied by multiple versions of an Ocean—past, present and future. Sometimes the Open Oceans are also called the Liquid Azure. Legends say the Open Oceans were formed when Azure seeped down through a hole in the sky and spilled over the waters below.

Saghal – a dwarf and Brotherhood member.

Shver-ship – a class of dwarven transport vessel. A shver-ship is the size of a mountain and is capable of transporting several other ships inside. The power source is a closely guarded secret, but neither wind nor oars move the ship. Shver-ships are the only man-made vessels capable of crossing the Teeming Sea, though the trips usually follow an established trading route. They are constructed on two or three neighboring shipyard-islands.

Teeming Sea – an area of the Interior Ocean that consists of not just water, but all sorts of wild elements as well—including fire, iron, mercury, etc.

Tempest – a force that is neither good nor bad, but due to its chaotic nature it is considered something to be avoided. Whenever it manifests, nothing is certain, and the most improbable becomes possible. It can bend time and tear the fabric of reality. A common effect is reversing strengths into weaknesses and vice versa. It always surrounds Eons, but can also be caused by conflict between unequal forces.

Thorar Bazdun –a  hired dwarven mercenary and friend of Urim.

Turbland – the continent where the Uutta Toivoa series takes place. The center of the Crimson world.

Urim Agadad – a dwarf and member of the Sealed Lineage faction of the Brotherhood Without Glory.

Uutta Toivoa – an island located at the point where the Interior Ocean, Teeming Sea, and Open Oceans meet. Legends suggest this Island is the home of the Purple Queen, Morea Erregina—the last of the Star Dragons. It is also the place where a dragon hybrid came from that was caught in the Southern Lands a few decades preceding the events of the Uutta Toivoa series. The capture of this dragon hybrid led to renewed interest in Uutta Toivoa.