Format: short story (12.5k)
Genre: Fantasy /Epic Fantasy
Contains: bloody violence, child murder, emotional scenes
Free sample: Excerpt from the beginning of the story.
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The story was formerly known as “A Mother Scorned”.

The story follows a dwarven mercenary willing to do pretty much anything for gold. However as the story unfolds, will he find a line even he won’t cross? It’s also the tale of the inciting event that sets the Dragons Reborn series into motion, but it can be read as a standalone short story.

Thorar is a dwarven mercenary looking for gold and glory. Recruited by his friend Urim, a high ranking officer in an elite dwarven army, together they sail out on a secret mission to find and kill the last of the ancient dragons. Based on recently surfaced information about a dangerous dragon cult they seek out the mysterious Uutta Toivoa island.

Does the dragon really exists and can they complete their mission before the cult grows in strength? One thing is sure, whatever they do will affect not only their lives but also the future of the whole continent.

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