Toivoan Dragons are always born as triplets. There are many similarities between them, but there are also differences beyond just their eye colour.

Blaze Dragons

Daytime magic: Blaze (fire & passion)
Nighttime magic: Aqua (water, ice)

Also called “night healers” as they can use their water magic to heal. Their personality tends to reflect the state of their dragon essence – they can be impulsive, blunt, daring risk takers during the day; while at night their calmer side takes over.

Tellurian Dragons

Daytime magic: Tellurian (earth & golems)
Nighttime magic: Zephyr (air & spirits)

They don’t have any body healing abilities, but their Zephyr magic makes them excellent soul healers. Their Tellurian side keeps them grounded in reality. Both during the day and night they are the stable, sensible voices of reason.

Verdure Dragons

Daytime magic: Verdure (plants, animals & healing)
Nighttime magic: Obsidian (gems, metal & electricity)

Also called “day healers” as they can use the life force from plants and animals to mend injuries. Due to their Verdure nature these Toivoans are very connected with flora and fauna of the world.