Every type of Eon is connected with a one of the Powers. This is why although only seven Eons are known there are speculations about potentially three more that would be aligned with the remaining Powers.

The known Eons are:

Stars – the Eons of Law

Stars are known as the guardians of destiny and fundamental laws. All mortals (with rare exceptions) have their own Star which holds their destiny.

Angels – the Eons of Miracles

Although they represent  creation and the exultation that follows such acts most of the ones still left in the world devote themselves to researching ways of rejoining the Creator, who has long left the world.

Wildlings and Giants – the Eons of Possibilities and Magnitude

These two are an intersting case as they represent two aspects of the same power of greed and frolicking – Wildlings in Azure and Giants in Crimson.

Daemons – the Eons of Power

The essence of the Daemons lies in their inability to satiate their lust for power. They will do anything and everything to increase their might and gain more power. They are said to be able to break any restrictions or limitations.

Dragons – the Eons of Promise

Dragons are known for their affinity with words and knowledge. The promise refers to the vow they made to the Creator of the world – to protect his Creation, at all cost.

Gods – the Eons of Order

They are the only Eons with the right to meddle with the mortals after the Pact of Powers. Mortals who have blossomed when blessed by their God’s Love or burned scorched by the God’s Anger.


Beasts are considered to be the most horrifying of all Eons. So horrifying in fact, that the Power they serve so far remains unnamed. Just mentioning the name of a Beast could bring harm to the person using it, hence studies have been sparse.