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The Known Eons – Folklore Friday

Every type of Eon is connected with a one of the Powers. This is why although only seven Eons are known there are speculations about potentially three more that would be aligned with the remaining Powers.

The known Eons are:

Stars – the Eons of Law

Stars are known as the guardians of destiny and fundamental laws. All mortals (with rare exceptions) have their own Star which holds their destiny.

Angels – the Eons of Miracles

Although they represent  creation and the exultation that follows such acts most of the ones still left in the world devote themselves to researching ways of rejoining the Creator, who has long left the world.

Wildlings and Giants – the Eons of Possibilities and Magnitude

These two are an intersting case as they represent two aspects of the same power of greed and frolicking – Wildlings in Azure and Giants in Crimson.

Daemons – the Eons of Power

The essence of the Daemons lies in their inability to satiate their lust for power. They will do anything and everything to increase their might and gain more power. They are said to be able to break any restrictions or limitations.

Dragons – the Eons of Promise

Dragons are known for their affinity with words and knowledge. The promise refers to the vow they made to the Creator of the world – to protect his Creation, at all cost.

Gods – the Eons of Order

They are the only Eons with the right to meddle with the mortals after the Pact of Powers. Mortals who have blossomed when blessed by their God’s Love or burned scorched by the God’s Anger.


Beasts are considered to be the most horrifying of all Eons. So horrifying in fact, that the Power they serve so far remains unnamed. Just mentioning the name of a Beast could bring harm to the person using it, hence studies have been sparse.


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Folklore Friday – The Wildling Fathers

There are many dangers lurking in Azure. This land of dreams goes by many names, but some folks simply call it The Wild due to its unpredictable nature. Hence the Eons in Azure are called Wildlings, or more specifically Wildling Fathers.

There were twelve Eons of Possibility, and although they are not all male they are all called the Fathers.

  1. Keresh – the Companion – Dream of the Sky
  2. Otygx – the Jester – Dream of Dreams
  3. Edrusalabim – the Tracker – Dream of Power
  4. Horzunga – the One Eyed Archer – Dream of the River
  5. Guardora – the King of Ashes – Dream of Authority
  6. Serhaddru – the Wolf – Dream of Shadow
  7. Carnack – the Prisoner – Dream of Pain
  8. Treitzell – the Beast Killer – Dream of Conflict
  9. Birlodd – the Lamplighter – Dream of Gold
  10. Anfedreil – the Scarecrow – Dream of Fear
  11. Jailah – the Clay Man – Dream of Hunger
  12. Imilahala – the Golden Knight – Dream of the Sun

Some legends claim that The Wild itself actually consists of the vast bodies of the twelve Eons intertwined together and kept away from Crimson, the real world, by the thin barrier of the Sky. But as no one has really met those ancient beings (or lived to tell the tale) this is all treated more as a myth than reality. Some claim that the Fathers do meddle with mortals in Crimson in various forms, but whether these are the actual Eons, or just other powerful beings claiming to be them, is debatable.

Similarly there are heated discusions between scholars about whether Wildlings (the offspring of the first twelve) are Eons themselves or not. The most popular theory is that there is a power leakage between generations and each child is less and less of an Eon. Most of the Wildlings one can meet accidentaly while dreaming are not very powerful compared to their ancestors. This does not mean they should be taken lightly, as their powers are still far beyond a mortal’s imagination.

Considering most encounters are with the lesser kind, and that being Eons, Wildlings are effectively immortal, questions are often raised where are the older ones?

As parents Wildlings tend to go to extremes – when they are fond of their children they will care greatly and do almost anything for their offspring. On the other hand some are known to ignore, abandon or even show hostility towards their progeny. This is interesting to mortals, as it can be an excellent point of leverage if you happen across one that is protective over their children. Unfortunately it could just as well backfire, if you find yourself to be dealing with one that couldn’t care less.

With so much unknown about the Wildlings and specifically the Wildling Fathers it might be strange that such a detail as their names is common knowledge. This is thanks to Akheron Warlocks who first recognized the various dreams and Forces behind them and gave them names.

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Teaser Tuesday – A Stolen Dream

Otygx – The Dream of Dreams; one of the 12 Wildling Fathers – drawing by Katrina Conquista

More details about Wildlings will be coming this Friday as part of the “Folklore Fridays”

NOTICE: This is a short extract from the upcoming novel “Kingslayer’s Apprentice”. It’s a rough draft as I do most of the editing at the end of my writing. All or parts of the text can still change in the final version. 

A Stolen Dream

Zafir felt lost and confused by the surrounding vast emptiness. There were no landmarks, or objects he could use for guidance. He couldn’t even see the ground, but he must have been standing on something, as his feet could feel a smooth, solid surface below. A blue fog filled the air and he could barely see his own extended hand. The air was easy to breath and although the fog was thick in some places it withered in others.

With no visual clues, he referred to his other senses. There were no strange smells, but as he focused his hearing he realized there was a faint voice coming from one direction. Lacking any better ideas he decided to investigate the source of the sound.

He walked slowly towards what he could soon clearly distinguish as a female voice. His body was alert, ready to face any danger, he tip-toed closer and closer towards the sound.

Zafir never paid much attention to art thinking it as a frivolous luxury, but even with his inexperienced ear he could tell the voice was not common. He couldn’t help but admire the soft, hypnotic and melodious tone. He found it hard not to imagine the singer as someone young and of equal beauty to her vocal skills. As he drew closer he was finally able to recognize some of the song’s lyrics. They told a story about dreams, happiness and family reunion. The lyrics were simple, but well matched with the cheerful melody of the piece.

When the fog started thinning he slowed down even further. He didn’t want to startle the singer and there was no telling if she was alone. Zafir came out into a clearing within the fog and silently watched an unusual scene unfold in front of him.

There were two people there with their backs turned to Zafir. A little girl was sitting on a three-legged wooden stool in the center of the clearing. She wore a simple white cotton dress, partly covered by her long black hair. On her wrist Zafir noticed a pearl bracelet and on closer inspection realized the dress also had pearls woven into it in flowery patterns.

A middle aged man stood next her. He was in good shape – Zafir noticed a hint of muscle on his back and arms as he brushed the girl’s hair. He wore tight fitting light colored clothes – a single piece body suit with short sleeves that was dotted seemingly at random with various sized white pearls. Zafir noticed that his thigh high jester boots instead of a bell had each a pearl at the end. From the gentle gestures and the same jet black hair they both shared Zafir guessed they must have been father and daughter.

“Well, hello.” They both had their backs towards him, so when he heard the creature’s voice Zafir jumped up. It was the man who addressed him, but his voice was definitely not human. It was screechy, as if someone was scraping a chalkboard with their fingernails. It felt cold and metallic. The girl stopped singing.

He was just about to say something when they both turned towards him. Zafir screamed, horrified to see their faces. He had only heard about Wildlings from Azure, the land of dreams. But there they stood with their giant mouths right across a barely human face. They had no noses, just two holes for nostrils. One giant fish-like eye stared at him while the other one was hidden under porcelain, pearl studded mask that covered half of their faces. The father smiled at him with double rows of tiny, spiky piranha teeth and handed the brush to the girl.

“A visitor, how lovely.” He licked his lips and Zefir felt cold sweat form on his neck and back. Just hearing the creature’s voice was enough to send his heart racing. Instinctively he started backing away from the Wildlings.

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