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“An Honest Bet” Cover – Teaser Tuesday

I’ve been working on the Kingslayer’s novel for a while, and missed the dragons (they don’t feature much in the novel). So I’ve decided to take a little break and write this standalone short story.

It follows Tharia, a Verdure Dragon, as she tries to lead a quiet life in a small village pretending to be a druid. Unfortunately like most Toivoans she finds that peace and quiet are not something they are made for.

The story should be available some time in November. If you’d like to be notified sign up for updates below (right sidebar).

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Uutta Toivoa – pronunciation

I’m always surprised when people struggle with the pronunciation of the series/island name. Maybe it’s my Polish heritage – in my language we read things as they are written with only few exception, but the words seemed pretty simple to me. In fact during a recent visit to Finland I had some natives say it out loud for me and I was very close with the way I say it.

As it dawned on me that the series name might cause problems I did add the alternative title – “Dragons Reborn”. However being as stubborn as my dragons I do want to keep the original name in there. So to clarify here’s a quick hint at how to pronounce the name:

Uutta       Toivoa
oot-ta     toy-voa

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A Mother Scorned – Sample

This is an excerpt from the beginning of “A Mother Scorned” short story.

The Third Era

Year 976

The Interior Ocean had not been kind to them. The dwarven shver-ship was the size of a floating fortress, one of the biggest transport vessels in the world, yet even this solid-built behemoth was thrown around like a toy by the recent storms. The crew, at least the few that had to stay on deck, were relentlessly flogged by wind and rain. On the few occasions they accidentally drifted into the Teeming Sea, they were also hit by storms of fire. The first one took them by surprise—it nearly melted the iron outer shell of the ship and severely burned a few members of the crew. They lost Malghar and his brother in that storm.

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Plotting the whole series – Teaser Tuesday

As the Uutta Toivoa (Dragons Reborn) series is not quite linear I really wanted to have a way to show how various books relate to each other and how they fit in the global timeline. In my head it’s almost like a 3d map and this was the closest I came to represent that. Not all the sub-stories have titles yet and I won’t be able to reveal some dates till the end of the series, but as the books are finished the graph will be updated with more details (and book covers).

Click the image for the full size version.

The Series Plan

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