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Blurb for The Night of The Lost Brides

I’ve been a bit quiet recently on the blog, but work is still going. A lot more planning and research than actual writing the last two months, but looking to change that soon. In the mean time, here’s a draft blurb for the next story “The Night of the Lost Brides” (working title):

After the war that completely devastated Tradyr, upholding the old laws and traditions is the only way for Tradyrians to fight back against the dwarven occupiers and their false king. When Sven, whose origins make him an outsider despite having been born and raised in Tradyr, falls in love with the daughter of one of the Old Blood families everyone suspects that he sees marriage just as a way to raise his status. But for him the love for the country and Alita, the woman of his dreams, become one and the same; so much so that he constantly worries about her modern views and disregard for tradition. But when she disappears and social acceptance is finally within his reach will he chose tradition over love?


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Dragons, the Eons of Promise – Folklore Friday

Dragons have always been the outsiders amongst all the Eons, as they were the only Power not made by the Creator. As he finished forming Eonika, he called in the dragons from beyond the White Void and gave them the honour and burden of leading the war against the Hollow that surrounded his creation.

When the dragons came to Eonika they brought something with them from their home world – an artefact called the Source. Now only legends remain about that mystical item, but all the myths agree on one thing – it was an object of immense power and what the dragons fed on.

Although originally there were nine dragon lines only five are know to this day, the Faithful Ones. The other four are only known by their common name, the Traitors, for they betrayed the Creator’s trust by stealing the Source for themselves and fleeing beyond the White Void. Some legends claim they aligned themselves with the Hollow, while others have them simply abandon the Creator’s cause and disappear never to return.

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The Tradyrian Oath

Here and now, with my own words and of my own will
As the beloved son of this land of mine – I swear!
Perseverance to war! Allegiance to compatriots! Love to Tradyr!
I don’t swear on my strength – I know it will fail.
I don’t swear on the goal – I know I won’t reach it.
I don’t swear on my name – I know it will be forgotten.
I swear with my existence.

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