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I listen to music a lot while writing, and pretty much every book gets its own playlist. But it’s not just books. For some of my leads I sometimes hit a song that, at least to me, nails the character perfectly. It’s usually a mix of mood and lyrics and the tune itself. So today I wanted to share the songs for three of the characters from the Dragons Reborn series.

Yksi Ewwell 

Empire by Shakira

Morea Erregina

Empire by Alpines

Funny enough this was first suggested to me as Yksi’s song. And there is a lot of overlap, but at the end of the day it is the mother who wants to build a new world. And the daughter just wants to find love…

Hellena Ara

A Horse With No Name by America

She walks alone, just with a horse made of stones as a companion. This song really feels appropriate given the mood and self-sacrificial tendencies of this character.

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A Mother Scorned – Sample

This is an excerpt from the beginning of “A Mother Scorned” short story.

The Third Era

Year 976

The Interior Ocean had not been kind to them. The dwarven shver-ship was the size of a floating fortress, one of the biggest transport vessels in the world, yet even this solid-built behemoth was thrown around like a toy by the recent storms. The crew, at least the few that had to stay on deck, were relentlessly flogged by wind and rain. On the few occasions they accidentally drifted into the Teeming Sea, they were also hit by storms of fire. The first one took them by surprise—it nearly melted the iron outer shell of the ship and severely burned a few members of the crew. They lost Malghar and his brother in that storm.

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