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A Departure From Dragons

Fear not, the next story is still coming… I’m working my way through “The Night of the Lost Brides” right now, but as it might be a little while till that is finished I thought I’d share something of a side project.

I’m experimenting with the format of a serial for my urban nano-vampires story – Vampire Bytes, yes, pun intended. The first episode is called “The Fool’s Embrace” and will be posted for free in parts, a scene or two at a time.

I’ll try to post more than once a week, as long as it doesn’t take up to much time from my main work 🙂

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Blurb for The Night of The Lost Brides

I’ve been a bit quiet recently on the blog, but work is still going. A lot more planning and research than actual writing the last two months, but looking to change that soon. In the mean time, here’s a draft blurb for the next story “The Night of the Lost Brides” (working title):

After the war that completely devastated Tradyr, upholding the old laws and traditions is the only way for Tradyrians to fight back against the dwarven occupiers and their false king. When Sven, whose origins make him an outsider despite having been born and raised in Tradyr, falls in love with the daughter of one of the Old Blood families everyone suspects that he sees marriage just as a way to raise his status. But for him the love for the country and Alita, the woman of his dreams, become one and the same; so much so that he constantly worries about her modern views and disregard for tradition. But when she disappears and social acceptance is finally within his reach will he chose tradition over love?


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Post Christmas Give Away

A Dragon's Path to AscensionAh, the holiday spirit. After a lovely time spent with the family I’ve decided to give an extra something to my readers too. So for a few days: 26-29th December 2012, you can get “A Dragon’s Path to Ascension” for free on Amazon.

Get your copy here:



And if you’re on the fence about this quick, fantasy read, check out the last two reviews it received:
Flashlight Commentary
Anna Moseley

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“An Honest Bet” Cover – Teaser Tuesday

I’ve been working on the Kingslayer’s novel for a while, and missed the dragons (they don’t feature much in the novel). So I’ve decided to take a little break and write this standalone short story.

It follows Tharia, a Verdure Dragon, as she tries to lead a quiet life in a small village pretending to be a druid. Unfortunately like most Toivoans she finds that peace and quiet are not something they are made for.

The story should be available some time in November. If you’d like to be notified sign up for updates below (right sidebar).

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J.C. Harker's books on Goodreads
A Dragon's Path to Ascension A Dragon's Path to Ascension (Dragons Reborn | Uutta Toivoa)
reviews: 3
ratings: 4 (avg rating 4.00)

A Dragon Scorned A Dragon Scorned (Dragons Reborn | Uutta Toivoa)
reviews: 1
ratings: 4 (avg rating 4.00)

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