If the details on the map inside the book were a bit small here’s a larger version of the map of the whole continent and all the major regions, as well as a brief description of the locations.

So what are all those places marked on the map? Here’s a brief overview:

Uutta Toivoa

An island located at the point where the Interior Ocean, Teeming Sea, and Open Oceans meet. Legends suggest this Island is the home of the Purple Queen, Morea Erregina—the last of the Star Dragons.



The main landmass in the map it is a continent formed from many regions which were thrust together as the Rigaz-Radin crystal shattered long time ago.

Vile Expanse

This used to be the Pearl Ocean, however now this is a barren, empty landscape filled only with evil and despair. At least as far as the majority of Turbland inhabitants are concerned. Those who live within the Vile Expanse call it Land-After-Water.


This is another continent. Only a small area is known to Turbland cartographers – the land closes to the Interior Ocean.


Interior Ocean

A giant body of water in the middle of Turbland.

Open Oceans 

Although from Crimson this appears to be a single Ocean, because it is partially located in Azure, the space is in fact occupied by multiple versions of an Ocean—past, present and future. Sometimes the Open Oceans are also called the Liquid Azure. Legends say the Open Oceans were formed when Azure seeped down through a hole in the sky and spilled over the waters below.

Teeming Sea

An area of the Interior Ocean that consists of not just water, but all sorts of wild elements as well—including fire, iron, mercury, etc.


The huge body of water outside of Turbland.


Most regions are split into several countries, with a few exceptions like Albion or Land of Light. Below is a list of the regions with comments on some notable features.

  • Albion – this small island holds tremendous power over much of Turbland. In part this is thanks to their flying ships and the ability to travel across the Open Oceans.
  • Akheron Abyss – this used to be the location of the Akheron city, but since it has been destroyed by its inhabitants it is now a giant abyss that pulls anything that comes to close inside it.
  • Avador
  • Far West
  • Grey & Red Drysea – these used to be seas of the Pearl Ocean
  • Inrök – the frozen land, none who went further within this region have ever came back.
  • Kitay
  • Land of Light
  • Old Tradyr – Tradyr used to occupy the whole region, but it is now only a small country within the region.
  • Scaera
  • Southern Lands
  • Stygia
  • Tava
  • The West
  • The North – sometimes also called “The Kingdom”, as it was the first dwarven kingdom on the continent.
  • Umbria
  • Ungmar
  • World’s End – the only other place outside of the Open Oceans were Azure can be entered.