Dragons have always been the outsiders amongst all the Eons, as they were the only Power not made by the Creator. As he finished forming Eonika, he called in the dragons from beyond the White Void and gave them the honour and burden of leading the war against the Hollow that surrounded his creation.

When the dragons came to Eonika they brought something with them from their home world – an artefact called the Source. Now only legends remain about that mystical item, but all the myths agree on one thing – it was an object of immense power and what the dragons fed on.

Although originally there were nine dragon lines only five are know to this day, the Faithful Ones. The other four are only known by their common name, the Traitors, for they betrayed the Creator’s trust by stealing the Source for themselves and fleeing beyond the White Void. Some legends claim they aligned themselves with the Hollow, while others have them simply abandon the Creator’s cause and disappear never to return.

The loss of this artefact was a crucial event, that eventually lead to the dragon’s demise in Eonika. With their energy source gone, the remaining dragons started to feed on the world. And this was not just a matter of sacrificing a few sheep to an overgrown lizard. They were true Eons, and their hunger often matched their power. Unlike kraverns, what passes as a “dragon” these days, their bodies were the size of mountains or even whole countries.

The five known dragon lines are:

Companion Dragons

All lines had some form of polymorphy, but what made the Companion Dragons unique, was their ability to become powerful tools in the right hands. Sometimes also called the Sword Dragons due to their common form in the olden days – a mighty sword, called the Cross, that would be a Sky Dragon’s favourite companion. But they did come in a variety of forms not just weapons, and often several could be combined together. On their own they didn’t have a specific diet or appetite, instead they would form a symbiotic relationship and magnify both the power and the hunger of their wielder.

Elemental Dragons

Their gift from the Creator in return for their service was the power to rule over all the energies in the world. They were the guardians of the elements and creators themselves. This attunement unfortunately turned against them once the Source was stolen. They drank lakes and seas, ate mountains and vast amounts of land. In the end the ones that were not killed, horrified by the destruction their hunger caused have fallen into deep slumber often merging with their favourite elements and becoming cloud formations, mountain chains, hills or dissolving into the oceans.

Luck Dragons

Some say these dragons were cursed, others claim they have been blessed by the Creator. Their gift was perfect harmony with everything – the good, the bad, the world, and the Hollow. Enlightened they rejected all the worldly struggles and knowledge and pursued vaguely defined bliss. Over the years many say they became little more than mindless animals. Tiny compared to the other Eons, they shed their scales and grew fur instead, eventually giving birth to the royal line of Tradyrian cats. Some argue that through this the Luck Dragon line lives till this day, with their hunger satisfied by a simple bowl of milk.

Sky Dragons

This was a line of warriors and tacticians. War was their daily bread. They were powerful, impulsive, honourable, proud, but arrogant at times, and most of all determined to achieve whatever they set their mind to. They thrive on striving for the unachievable and breaking the limits, so much in fact that they gave rise to the famous saying – stubborn like a dragon. With the Source gone they started feeding on these emotions, leaving whole nations depressed, in torpor and stagnation. The few that remain battle the Hollow at the edge of the world devoted to protecting Eonika from being consumed by nothingness.

Star Dragons

The healers of the body and soul, the ones able to recreate destroyed world, and the bearers of Essence. Legends say they could restore the dead to life, and inspire to action even those whose will has been broken. They were a sign of hope and a way to keep the Hollow at bay. Many believe that when the last one was slain the fate of the world was sealed and it’s just a matter of time till the Hollow consumes everything. On the other hand some Tradyrians believe (which is surprisingly optimistic for this nation) that some have survived the great dragon wars and will come back to fulfill their countries oldest prophecies. The Star Dragons crave knowledge.