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Character songs

I listen to music a lot while writing, and pretty much every book gets its own playlist. But it’s not just books. For some of my leads I sometimes hit a song that, at least to me, nails the character perfectly. It’s usually a mix of mood and lyrics and the tune itself. So today I wanted to share the songs for three of the characters from the Dragons Reborn series.

Yksi Ewwell 

Empire by Shakira

Morea Erregina

Empire by Alpines

Funny enough this was first suggested to me as Yksi’s song. And there is a lot of overlap, but at the end of the day it is the mother who wants to build a new world. And the daughter just wants to find love…

Hellena Ara

A Horse With No Name by America

She walks alone, just with a horse made of stones as a companion. This song really feels appropriate given the mood and self-sacrificial tendencies of this character.

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The Hunt – Progress

Although I’m not officially participating in NaNoWriMo, I’m tapping the words away aiming for a similar goal word count (though across more than one project). As promised The Hunt is my first focus at the moment. After a few changes the plot is moving along nicely, and you can expect a few updates per week on Wattpad. 🙂

Latest part: The Hunt – Last hope

Read from the start – The Hunt.

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The Hunt – Dragons Reborn Novelette

Roar! I haven’t updated for a while, so here’s what’s going on at the moment.


The Hunt

This was meant to be a short story, but at this rate it will end up closer to a Novelette. If you’ve been following me on Twitter/Facebook you might have already seen the cover I’ve done for it.

Here’s the teaser for it 🙂

An orphaned dragon girl haunted by her past and stalked by something sinister hiding in the forest, strives to survive against the odds in a place where  a strange  tree might be her only ally.

It’s slightly different from the other Dragons Reborn stories in that it’s 1st person.

For those eager to get a first read I’m sharing the WIP on:

Wattpad:  The Hunt

Figment: The Hunt

Come and say hello!

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A Departure From Dragons

Fear not, the next story is still coming… I’m working my way through “The Night of the Lost Brides” right now, but as it might be a little while till that is finished I thought I’d share something of a side project.

I’m experimenting with the format of a serial for my urban nano-vampires story – Vampire Bytes, yes, pun intended. The first episode is called “The Fool’s Embrace” and will be posted for free in parts, a scene or two at a time.

I’ll try to post more than once a week, as long as it doesn’t take up to much time from my main work 🙂

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The Three Dragons

The Slutty Dragon
My sister got me this lovely, cute pin for Christmas. It wasn’t until recently however that I actually looked closer at the “dragons” depicted on it. With a puzzled expression I went to ask her if she knew what they were meant to be, as one of them was kind of looking more like a gryphon, and the third one, well…

“One’s a fire dragon, another is an air dragon, and…” she answered

“… and a slutty dragon?” I interrupted.


“Look, this one’s got boobs.” I pointed out.

“It doesn’t have boobs, show me that” she said.

But after a quick examination it was undeniable. The third one really was a slutty dragon… You might need to see the picture at full size to see the details.

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