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Character songs

I listen to music a lot while writing, and pretty much every book gets its own playlist. But it’s not just books. For some of my leads I sometimes hit a song that, at least to me, nails the character perfectly. It’s usually a mix of mood and lyrics and the tune itself. So today I wanted to share the songs for three of the characters from the Dragons Reborn series.

Yksi Ewwell 

Empire by Shakira

Morea Erregina

Empire by Alpines

Funny enough this was first suggested to me as Yksi’s song. And there is a lot of overlap, but at the end of the day it is the mother who wants to build a new world. And the daughter just wants to find love…

Hellena Ara

A Horse With No Name by America

She walks alone, just with a horse made of stones as a companion. This song really feels appropriate given the mood and self-sacrificial tendencies of this character.

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Izzy & Basil – Teaser Tuesday


Izzy is a parrot with dreams and ambitions beyond her cast. Despite becoming a Dawn Dancer she wants to break the glass ceiling of her society and become the top bird. To do that she needs to catch herself a human. And a proper, wild one at that.

Basil is a street urchin with one hidden talent, a mountain of piling debt the Beggar’s Guild is eager to collect and a bunch of people he rubbed the wrong way after his head. That’s why when Basil hears about Soul’s Flight, a drug obtained from a rare breed of parrots, he doesn’t think twice before deciding that’s exactly the solution to his problems.


A short based on an RPG session I played with friends set in Eonika. Pirates! Yay! Our antics were too ridiculous not to write them down. Hope to have these pubbed for free this summer :) Part one is my character’s back story. Part two is the adventure. Yay for 12h+ sessions ;)

Funny enough my character’s never used to have “pets” until I started playing with my sister. At that point she for some reason insisted I always have to have a pet. It’s became a bit of a meme since then ;)


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The Survivor – New Story Out

survivor-x403 The Hunt has turned into a novel, and is taking longer than expected. Not wanting to get stuck on it a few months back  I had released the above sci-fi short story as part of an anthology. I’m happy to announce it is now available as a standalone and it’s FREE on Smashwords. Check out the links on my author site:

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The Hunt – Progress

Although I’m not officially participating in NaNoWriMo, I’m tapping the words away aiming for a similar goal word count (though across more than one project). As promised The Hunt is my first focus at the moment. After a few changes the plot is moving along nicely, and you can expect a few updates per week on Wattpad. :)

Latest part: The Hunt – Last hope

Read from the start – The Hunt.

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Toivoan Dragon Race Reference Sheet


The artwork is done by the talented Karina Michelle Weber  (DA Riftmaw).

Click on the image above to view full size.

III Era Toivoans

To their enemies they are Draphonies, but the inhabitants of Uutta Toivoa know they are true dragons. Created by an Eon – their Dragon mother Morea Erregina – these human-dragon hybrids have been created to bring back the dragon race from the brink of extinction. Specifically the Star Dragons that Morea represents. As a human child wouldn’t be able to contain the whole of dragon essence from a single dragon egg human triplets are selected for the bonding process. Every one of Morea’s eggs provides three dragonlings, one for each type of elemental power: Blaze, Tellurian, and Verdure.

They could be considered a young Firstborn race, as they share some similarities with other Firstborn races – they come from an Eon and they can’t interbreed with other races. Unlike them they are not immortal though, however the disease that shortens their lifespan to about 40 years can be likened to the Curse that plagues the other Firstborn races.

Notes from the ref sheet:

Children and Juveniles

Toivoan Dragons are always born in triplets and a group of human triplets is selected for the baby dragons to bond with. This is done through a cross like incision on the human host’s back where the dragonling can attach itself. The symbiotic relationship between the host and the dragonling is what grants a newborn Toivoan their elemental abilities. Once bonded children begin learning how to control their powers. Young Toivoans can be quite mischevious and playful.

The bonding isn’t a permanent attachment and the dragonling can be released to roam freely outside of their human host when the Toivoan wills it so. Because of this Toivoan clothing is designed with practicality in mind and the back is always left bare so as to allow the dragonling ease of entry/exit.

Toivoan Hybrids essensially have two separate yet interconnected sets of senses, which they learn to utilize as they mature. Young ones can sometimes treat the dragonling as a pet, but with time they learn to understand and treat is as an extension of themselves.

Details of Blaze, Tellurian, and Verdure Dragon powers.

Elder Dragons

Toivoans don’t age in the same way as other races do. However from the moment they reach adulthood, a disease starts spreading through their bodies that eventually turns them into stone as they reach their forties. The calcification process isn’t painful and affects both the dragonling and the human. A special clay is rubbed all over their bodies to ease their final days.

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